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Welcome to Thomasson Memorial

Thomasson Memorial is a day school for deaf children age 4 – 16  and a nursery for hearing and deaf children age 2-4. It provides a caring, secure and supportive environment in which all children are respected and encouraged to develop their full potential.

The school is split over two sites. The Secondary Provision is located within Sharples School, where we meet the individual needs of the pupils to offer specialist teaching in core subjects of English, Maths, Science, Computing and pre/post tutoring in small groups.  We also support pupils in mainstream classes with support from Communication Support Workers.

The Sensory Support Service provides support for hearing impaired and visually impaired children from 0-25 across a range of settings. The team are part of Thomasson Memorial School.

Thomasson Aims:
  • We aim to provide all sensory impaired pupils with the highest quality of education and support according to their needs.
  • We aim to give all pupils every opportunity to succeed by developing their full potential.
  • In the Hearing Impaired Service and School a full spectrum of spoken and sign communication is incorporated to accommodate individual needs as a means of enriching understanding and expression.  We  strive to create meaningful interaction as an effective tool for learning.  A challenging, exciting and fun curriculum will be enlivened by an innovative approach to learning and teaching alongside supportive pastoral care.
  • In the Visually Impaired Service we strive to access all pupils to sources of learning and participation with their sighted peers and reach their full potential. We teach them the skills they need to overcome their visual impairment and make choices about the strategies and specialist equipment that best suits them.  The aim is to enable them to understand a world and environment which they cannot be see well and to maximise cognitive involvement with this world through enlightened teaching, leading to opportunities for a full and successful life.
We have a vision of achievement and success for all.
  • Teaching approaches using Oral Communication or Sign Supported English.
  • A policy of equal opportunities for all pupils.
  • The active encouragement of liaison with parents
  • The opportunity to integrate with hearing pupils from Devonshire Road Primary School and Sharples School.
  • Individual Communication Programmes
  • Individual speech and language teaching/sign tuition.
  • The provision of a wide range of appropriate technology.
  • Regular audiological assessment.
  • Liaison with other professionals.
  • Links with the community in particular the deaf community.
Communicate, Learn, Achieve.
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    Thomasson Secondary Provision
    Thomasson Secondary Provision is located within Sharples School
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